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What can be seen through the eyes of a child?  Everything. Perhaps they see a world that is pushing them to grow up way too fast. They see things that little eyes shouldn’t see. They hear and learn things not meant for little ears to hear. We are living in a secular world that is fostering negative hatred and anti-social, anti-God behaviors in children.  We are seeing the development of  children with anxieties, when they should be playing on the playground with smiles.  At Highlands Christian Academy, we believe we need to teach little people about a Savior who loves them and will never ever leave them. We believe we can teach, love, and develop little people who will walk against the world’s plan and develop victorious lives through Christ. We are called to teach and develop the Word of God in their lives.  Who can they learn to rely on?  They can rely on Jesus. We teach an unashamed Christian curriculum and spend positive time and energy with your children in a worship-minded and positive environment. Call us and visit HCA today.  We are committed to making an impact through Christ in the lives of your children and making disciples. Call us at 740.808.8066 today.        
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