Getting Connected

How Do I Meet People?

At Highlands, we encourage all people to get connected 
with other committed worshipers and get involved. Whether you are an eighty-five year old grand-mother, a
busy mom or a businessman with major responsibilities,
we want you to be a key part of a growing and vibrant
church community. Here are  some key areas that you can
connect, learn, serve, and grow at Highlands.
Small Groups
Small groups are often better able to
interact in fellowship and learn about God’s
Word and the life of the believer. These
groups can be special times of familiarity  and support.  We continue to develop this
area of ministry at Highlands as we see our
busy society evolve and the need to develop
lasting relationships with those we worship
with. Get connected with one of these groups and grow in key areas of 
Sunday School Blast Ministries 
Each Sunday morning, we gather together
to have great fellowship with relative and
practical studies in  discussions of the
faith.  This time of fellowship and effective
discipleship is key in the life of any believer
who is seeking to know more about Jesus. 
KINGDOM KIDS Children’s Ministries
Each Sunday morning, our children
gather together with us in corporate
worship.  After our praise and worship
time is concluded, they are dismissed
for classes to be with their peers and
learn. We believe it is of awesome
importance for families to worship
together.  In these 2 segments our
children are being taught relative,
in-depth areas of God’s Word with experienced and very anointed teachers and
ministry leaders. We love kids at Highlands!  Kids matter to God.
IGNITE Youth Ministries
Each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, our teens
get to participate in their own activities and gathering times.
Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every teen gets to participate and learn. The youth ministry of our church is recognized for their meaningful and relative interaction with our kids.  We have a great husband and wife youth ministry team that care deeply about each teenager and work with them.

The WC- Women’s Connection Ministries- Women’s Ministry Group

Our Women’s Connection ministry group gives ladies in our fellowship active and
  special times of interaction. This ministry and support team
  meets in our community for times of fellowship, Bible study,
  prayer (and, of course, food). This group provides a 
  refreshing discipleship opportunity for our ladies at
  Highlands.  We believe ladies possess a special prayer
  relationship with God and that prayer is the key to the life of
  our church fellowship and the world around us.  We know
  prayer changes things and our ladies are awesome to build a
  ministry around these needs.  Growth through fellowship.

The Brotherhood- Men’s Ministries Group

The Brotherhood Ministry group for men is a powerful tool of discipleship. It is a
men’s ministry group that promotes fellowship, family principles of leadership in 
the church and home and relative activities designed to
encourage and develop godly
men of all ages. We meet together
in many areas of our community
and communicate with good
accountability as their schedules
allow.  Marriage is one God’s 
most important institutions and is under attack in our society.  Family dynamics
and the ways in which God has called men to lead are key areas of emphasis.  We
also like ball games, NASCAR, the Ohio State Buckeyes, hunting, guns, fishing,
camping and God’s Holy Word.  Our men’s ministry endeavors to answer the call
to train young and elder men alike to become effective leaders related to family,
our church fellowship and their personal relationships with God. 

Mentors Senior Ministries– Over 65 Seniors

Once you get past age sixty five,
the fun has just begun. Whether
retired, just plain tired, or active
as ever, the over-65 group at
Highlands Community provides
refreshment, ministry, and times
of valuable interaction. This group is called the Mentors.  A mentoring ministry
that gives older believers a chance to fellowship, stay active and help other
believers grow in Christ.  We love and appreciate our Mentors at Highlands.